09/01/08 Vinyl Collection
29/11/07 demo DJ mix
30/06/07 DJ mix for Plage Farniente
01/07/06 live DJ mix at Tanzkick/Belle Epoque
16/03/06 DJ mix for United People
14/12/05 evening soundtrack at Jours de fêtes au Grand Palais
14/12/05 afternoon soundtrack at Jours de fêtes au Grand Palais
04/03/04 DJ mix for D-i-r-t-y
01/04/03 demo DJ mix
04/04/00 computer mix for Radio Nova
28/05/94 live concert at Luv You/Gymnase Jemmapes

09/01/08 promo DJ mix for Citizen Records' "Vinyl Collection" CD compilation play

TEENAGE BAD GIRL "Hands Of A Stranger (Vitalic Re-Edit)"
REMOTE "Sinister Boogie"
LADY B "Turn It Up (Edit)"
MONOSURROUND "Borschtchick"
MATZAK "Madness"
SAD MAFIOSO "Ce que tu cherches"
THE MICRONAUTS "High Rise (Das Glow Remix)"
SHOCKERS "The Symptom"
JOHN LORD FONDA "Children (Scratch Massive Remix)"
TERENCE FIXMER "Danse avec les ombres (Olivier Kaiser aka OK Rocks Remix)"
THE SILURES "21 Ghosts"
FILTH N' DIRT "Go Ahead (Vitalic Garage Mix)"

29/11/07 demo DJ mix play

GOLDIE-LOX "Elliot Godfrey" (Salacious)
D.I.M. "Sysiphos" (Turbo)
THE MICRONAUTS "Reaction" (Citizen)
THE MICRONAUTS "The Beat (Remix)" (Citizen)
HUNTEMANN "37°" (International Deejay Gigolo)
BRODINSKI "Bad Runner (Crookers Gone Electro Mix)" (Mental Groove)
THE MICRONAUTS "Sweat (Album Version)" (Citizen)
MARC HOULE "Porch" (Minus)
PHIL KIERAN "I Think I'm A Monster" (Cocoon)
DIBABA "Happy Birthday Mr. President" (International Deejay Gigolo)
TEENAGE BAD GIRL "USB Dick (Let Me In)" (Citizen)
THE MICRONAUTS "High Rise (Das Glow Remix)" (Citizen)
AQUASKY Feat. ACAFOOL "Have A Good Time (Sinden & The Count Of Monte Cristal Remix)" (Passenger)

30/06/07 Plage Farniente 2007 - Le DJ mix des 10 ans (Les Issambres/France) play

ROISIN MURPHY "Ramalama (Bang Bang)" (Echo)
VIVE LA FÊTE ! "Tokyo" (Surprise)
BRAZILIAN GIRLS "Dance Till The Morning" (Verve Forecast)
CSS "Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above" (Sub Pop)
PEACHES "Lovertits" (Kitty-Yo)
TRINA W/ TRE+6 "I Need" (Slip-N-Slide)
GLOBAL COMMUNICATION "The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)" (Dedicated)
LINDSTRØM "I Feel Space" (Feedelity)
WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS "From: Disco To: Disco" (Motor Music)
GUI BORATTO "Arquipélago" (K2)
TEKEL "Smet" (Initial Cuts)
SERAFIN "Liquid Daydream" (Cocoon)
JOHN TEJADA "Calculated Time" (Palette)
AGORIA "Les Violons Ivres" (Different)
DIESLER "A Little Something (Gerardo Frisina Mix)" (Tru Thoughts)
MU "Paris Hilton" (Output)
BLEACH EATIN PIMPS "C U Next Tuesday (Eric Kupper Remix)" (Bleach Feast)
HUG "The Happy Monster" (K2)
THE MICRONAUTS "Reaction" (Citizen)

01/07/06 live DJ mix recorded at Tanzkick/Belle Epoque (Frankfurt) play

MY ROBOT FRIEND "Dial Zero (Modeselektor Remix)" (Soma)
SELL & SNACKMAN "Wowa Wowa" (Ware)
ROYKSOPP "What Else Is There (Trentemøller Remix)" (Wall Of Sound)
JUSSI PEKKA "Rave Texno" (Frozen North)
AGARIC "Virke" (Liebe Detail)
FEADZ "lt Replay" (BPitch Control)
GREEN VELVET "Technology's Out Of Control" (Music Man)
CHIAPET "Westworld (Termination Mix)" (Yoshitoshi)
PLAY PAUL "Love Song" (International Deejay Gigolo)
DANIEL WANG "Warped" (Balihu)
TOM PARRIS & BOBBY PARKER "Electro Static" (Monster Fonky)
IN-N-OUT "Musika Automatika" (Electribe)
NAPSUGAR "Femaleody (Tanzbar)" (Beautycase)
PERCY X "The Separatists (Mark Broom Remix)" (Soma)
SOLID GROOVE "This Is Sick (Original)" (Front Room)
TIGA "Pleasure From The Bass (Extended Mix)" (PIAS)
KIKO & STEPHANE D "Jack The Box" (International Deejay Gigolo)
TIGA "You Gonna Want Me (12 Inch Dance Mix)" (Different)
SPEKTRUM "Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)" (Playhouse)
KIKO & GINO'S "Good Sluts Factory (Let It Cia Mix)" (International Deejay Gigolo)
JEAN NIPON Vs. AÏ "A.C. Anthem (The Micronauts Remix)"
YUKSEK "Amerik" (I'm A Cliché)
SNUTEN "Entourage (Lil'Wolf Chris Lynch Of Norway Remix)" (C+C)
THE HYPNOTIST "House Is Mine" (Rising High)
ALTERN 8 "Frequency (Hallucin 8 Mix)" (Network)
Q BASS "Dancin' People (E Type Remix)" (Suburban Base)
ALTERN 8 "Move My Body (Hard-Hardcore Mix)" (Network)
VITALIC "Valletta Fanfares" (PIAS)
MIJK VAN DIJK "How Deep Is Your Love? (John Tejada Remix)" (Superstition)
FUNK D' VOID "Diabla (Funk D' Void Heavenly Mix)" (Soma)
MICHEL DE HEY + M.I.R.K.O. "Another Dimension" (EC)
KOSMIC MESSENGER "Polyphonic Destruction" (End)

16/03/06 DJ mix recorded for United People play

LOST 'N' ALIVE "Feels Like Love (Tiefschwarz Remix)" (Milk & Sugar)
TAHITI 80 "Big Day (Booka Shade Remix)" (Atmosphériques)
ROYKSOPP "What Else Is There (Trentemøller Remix)" (Wall Of Sound)
JUSSI PEKKA "Rave Texno" (Frozen North)
FRANK MARTINIQ "Adriano (Michael Mayer Mix)" (Boxer)
ZOMBIE NATION "Meatmaster Jack" (Cocoon)
PLAY PAUL "Love Song" (International Deejay Gigolo)
TIEFSCHWARZ "Issst" (Fine.)
TIGA "You Gonna Want Me (12 Inch Dance Mix)" (Different)
GREEN VELVET "Bathroom" (Relief)
LAURENCE ASHLEY "I'm Missing (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)" (Electrokiss)
SPEKTRUM "Freakbox (Alter Ego Remix)" (Playhouse)
SECRET CINEMA "In SC Sound (The Micronauts Remix)" (EC)
JOHN LORD FONDA "Music Is Not A Computer Algebra (Energy Zurich Mix)" (Citizen)
DAVID CARRETTA "Lovely Toy" (International Deejay Gigolo)
I-F "Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass" (Viewlexx)

14/12/05-02/01/06 evening soundtrack at Jours de fêtes au Grand Palais (Paris) play

RELOAD "Ehn" (Infonet 1993)
DENVER McCARTHY "Rainbow City" (Statra 2000)
BO'TOX Meets SHOWGIRLS "Grand Central" (Marketing 2005)
SHAKE "My Computer Is An Optimist" (Frictional 2000)
BUMP & GRIND "Faskil (Part 1)" (Quatermass 2000)
SUBURBAN KNIGHT "Collaboration Alpha" (Peacefrog 2003)
JUSTUS KOEHNCKE "Jet (Radio Edit)" (Kompakt 2001)
RHYTHM MAKER "Aussenbordreparatur" (Background 2002)
FEADZ "Backtrap" (BPitch Control 2002)
THE MICRONAUTS "I Wanna Be Yours" (Radical Silence 2004)
FELIX DA HOUSECAT "B 4 Wuz Then" (Radikal Fear 1995)
SPEKTRUM "Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Dub)" (Playhouse 2003)
GEBR. TEICHMANN In Love With ACID MARIA "Makin Salad" (Festplatten 2002)
LUCI "November Pain" (Archipel Musique 2005)
GOLDEN BOY With MISS KITTIN "Rippin Kittin (Egoexpress Mix)" (Ladomat 2000 2002)
SASCHA FUNKE "Pinball Dreams" (BPitch Control 2001)
LFO "Freeze" (Warp 1991)
THE MICRONAUTS "Grand Palais Pt. 6" (2005)

14/12/05-02/01/06 afternoon soundtrack at Jours de fêtes au Grand Palais (Paris) play

SKANFROM "Here She Comes" (Morr 2002)
CONTRIVA "8 Eyes (Standbild Mix - Tom Thiel)" (Monika 2000)
MEEK "Fleeting A" (Mutek 2004)
ART ENSEMBLE "Lonesome Hill (Short Take)" (Artefact 1998)
BOARDS OF CANADA "Roygbiv" (Skam/Warp 1998)
MANUAL "Blue Skied An' Clear" (Morr 2002)
TTC "Dans le club (L'Instrumentale Version)" (Big Dada 2004)
FREEFORM & AUTECHRE "A.T" (Quatermass 2002)
THE MICRONAUTS "Souffle Coupé" (Radical Silence 2005)
OCTET "Classical Quantize" (Diamondtraxx 2001)
KEN ISHII "Endless Season" (R & S 1995)
DADAMNPHREAKNOIZPHUNK "Complex Dinner Wardrobe (Album Version)" (Combination 2002)
ULRICH SCHNAUSS "Crazy For You" (Morr 2002)
VECTOR-LOVERS "Nightwalking Your Memory (Drunk & Void)" (Soma 2004)
AUTOMAT "Unstressed" (Sounds Around 2004)
SPEEDY J "De-Orbit" (Warp 1991)
STRATUS "Vapour (Padded Cell Remix)" (Klein 2004)
KRAFTWERK "Trans Europa Express", "Metall Auf Metall" & "Abzug" (EMI 1977)
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & THE SOUL SONIC FORCE "Planet Rock (Vocal)" (Tommy Boy 1982)
THE MICRONAUTS "Grand Palais Pt. 1" (2005)

04/03/04 DJ mix recorded for D-i-r-t-y play

GUCCI CREW II "Sally (That Girl)" (Gucci)
GREEN VELVET "Don't Mess With My Mind" (Music Man)
JOHANNES HEIL "Paranoid Dancer (DJ Hell Remix)" (Kanzleramt)
SWAYZAK "I Dance Alone" (!K7)
SQUAREPUSHER "Schizm Track #2 Mix" (Warp)
JASON LEACH "A Jase Odessy" (Semi Automatic)
JOHN TEJADA "Music For Doubles (John Tejada VIP Mix)" (Palette)
MICK WILLS "Rhythm Machine" (International Deejay Gigolo)
THE MICRONAUTS "Get Down" (Micronautics)
LIL' JON & THE EAST SIDE BOYZ "Shake Your Booty" (Mirror Image)
BOLZ BOLZ "Take A Walk" (World Electric)
THE MICRONAUTS "High Rise" (Micronautics)
DJ ASSAULT "Ass-N-Titties 2001" (Intuit-Solar)
JB3 "Black Porch" (Novamute)
SO SOLID CREW "Fuck Wid Us" (Independiente)
TOK TOK "Rushstoprestore" (BPitch Control)
LFO "Mummy, I've Had An Accident..." (Warp)
PHUTURE "The Creator" (Jack Trax/Indigo Music)
GREEN VELVET "Stop Lyin'" (Music Man)
MC SHY D "Big Booty Girls" (Benz)
KERO "Grizzly Grizzeg" (BPitch Control)
BEAT MASTER CLAY "Kaboose" (Luke)

01/04/03 demo DJ mix play

PLASTIQUE DE RÊVE "Rodéo mécanique (Acid Worm Mx)" (Gigolo)
UNDERWORLD "Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix)" (JBO/V2)
LORDS OF ACID "I Sit On Acid" (Kaos/Antler)
COOL HOUSE Featuring TYREE And MARTIN BOOGIEMAN LUNAR "Rock This Party Right" (DJ International)
TIGA "Hot In Herre" (!K7)
DERRICK L. CARTER "If I" (Classic)
JIVE RHYTHM TRAX "122 B.P.M." (Jive)
DERRICK L. CARTER "Where You At?" (Classic)
TONE REC "No Stock Media" (Quatermass/Sub Rosa)
DMX KREW "Emerging Technology" (Rephlex)
SHAKE "My Computer Is An Optimist" (Frictional/Playhouse)
SWAYZAK With KIRSTY HAWKSHAW "State Of Grace (Silicon Scally Rework)" (Medicine/Playhouse)
SCRATCH MASSIVE "Keep On Workin' (The Micronauts Remix)" (Chateaurouge/Warner)
GREEN VELVET "La La Land" (Music Man)
MIRWAIS Featuring CRAIG WEDREN "Miss You (The Micronauts Remix)" (Naïve/Echo)
2 MANY DJ'S "As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt.2" (Edit) (Pias)
SWAYZAK "Take My Hand" (!K7)
MIKE DUNN Presents M.D. 3 With TYREE "Face The Nation" (DJ International)
JOE MAGIC "Take It To The Top" (M)
THE RAPTURES "House Of Jealous Lovers (Original)" (DFA)
LES CLAQUES 2 VELOURS Feat. NATURE "Andy Warhol" (Quatermass)
GREEN VELVET "Stranj" (Music Man)
SPEEDY J "Pull Over Remix" (Plus 8)
TECHNASIA "Force" (Technasia)
ADULT "Nausea (Restructured)" (Ersatz Audio)

04/04/00 computer mix recorded for Radio Nova & Canalplus.fr play

SPEEDY J "As The Bubble Expands" (Novamute)
ART ENSEMBLE "Lonesome Hill (Short Take)" (Artefact)
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Scales" (Freestyle Dust)
DJ QBERT "Inner Space Dental Commander" (Galactic Butt Hair)
SPEEDY J "Terre Zippy" (Novamute)
MAFIA TRECE "Champion" (Small)
SPEEDY J "Terre Zippy" (Novamute)
113 avec FAYA DEM "Face à la police" (Small)
SPEEDY J "Tuning In" (Novamute)
STÉ STRAUSZ' "Trône" (Delabel)
SPEEDY J "Tuning In" (Novamute)
FAB 5 FREDDY "Une Sale Histoire Part 2 (Male Version)" (Celluloid)
THE MICRONAUTS "The Jag" (Science)
IMPULSION "Chill Out" (Small)
DEPTH CHARGE "Queen Of The Scorpion Pt. I & II (Vs The Snake Killers Daughter)" (DC Recordings)
STEVE REICH "Four Sections (Andrea Parker Remix)" (Nonesuch)
SPEEDY J "Pure Energy" (Novamute)
UNDERWORLD "Bruce Lee (The Micronauts Remix)" (JBO/V2)
DEATH IN VEGAS "Dirge (The Micronauts Remix)" (Concrete)
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS "Block Rockin' Beats (The Micronauts Bonus Beats)" (Freestyle Dust)
SPEEDY J "Manhasset" (Novamute)
DEATH IN VEGAS "Dirge (The Micronauts Bonus Beats)" (Concrete)
THE MICRONAUTS "Bleeper_0+2" (Science)
THE STRIKE BOYS "Jet Set (The Micronauts remix)" (Wall Of Sound)
SPEEDY J "Terre Zippy" (Novamute)
THE MICRONAUTS "Baby Wants To Rock (Club Mix)" (Science)
SATOSHI TOMIIE Feat. ROBERT OWENS & CEVIN FISHER "Darkness (Robert-A-Pella)" (Inc)
SATOSHI TOMIIE Feat. ROBERT OWENS & CEVIN FISHER "Darkness (Robert-A-Pella)" (Inc)
CHIAPET "Tick Tock (Apocalypse Now Mix)" (Yoshitoshi)
THE MICRONAUTS "Bleep To Bleep" (Science)
SPEEDY J "Tuning In" (Novamute)
THE MICRONAUTS "Bleeper" (Science)

28/05/94 live concert recorded at Luv You/Gymnase Jemmapes (Paris) play

NATURE "The Call Of Nature"
NATURE "Cabo Verde"
NATURE "Nature (Impulsion Mix)"
THE MICRONAUTS "Get Funky Get Down"
NATURE "Away (Impulsion Mix)"